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Can you believe these before and after images are taken from the same vantage point? This foyer at the center of the house offered access to different rooms in every direction. What would happen if someone was walking from the bathroom to their bedroom in a towel? They'd be visible from the front hall - so that door had to be moved. We relocated the access to the bedroom wing to a less central area creating new space in the foyer to build a proper staircase. Notice the lantern on the floor in the "before" and then look for it again in the "after".


What was once a dark entryway became an open, airy and happy foyer to welcome guests. I had some photos I took in Bermuda printed in large format and framed: easy and personal large scale art. The front door was replaced, making the driveway and front yard now visible from inside the house. The glass panel and sidelights let in so much light. 

living room

Different houseSame wish list.


We wanted a living room that could also host movie night and lots of fireside hangouts. So I designed built-ins to frame the mantel and cleverly placed a TV and wood holder within them (the wood holder is hidden behind the French chair and alleviates the need to find room for a bin full of wood). I love the weathered finish of my Crate & Barrel tables - they work well with all kinds of furniture styles and stand up to anything you throw at them. I put two together and connected them underneath with cable ties, and no one is the wiser. Life is messy and I like my home life-proof.

If I showed you a house with this "before" bathroom, would you buy it? I hope you learn to say YES. As I have said on Insta, "#embracetheugly".

master bath
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