Our straightforward Design process will provide you the detailed vision and framework to create the dream space you've always wanted.

Design buddy Package $1,600

What is the Design Buddy Package?

Hello Design Buddy! We love that you want to tackle a project and we want to help! Partnering with us on your project will ensure that you don't waste time (or money) doing it all wrong. We're here to be your design "partner-in-crime" to make sure everything goes smoothly!

For complete rooms, our Design Buddy Package provides a conceptual plan for you to use as a means to pull together a beautiful and cohesive space on your own. This package allows you to enter into a scaled down version of our Luxury Design Services, providing you with the core foundational elements necessary to create that dream look you're after. You'll be able to approach your project with confidence. 


For smaller local projects, this package is also the perfect option when you only need a few final elements to pull a room together, like an ottoman or sofa and window treatments,

*Prices are per space.


Is Design Buddy Right for Me?

  • I need furniture and want to make sure I buy the right size and style for my space.

  • I'm 50% done with my space, but I just need a plan for the rest.

  • I've got a hodge podge of furniture and don't know how to lay it out or what to buy to complement it. I'd love to reupholster some and move things around.

  • I've been working on this room for a while and I just want my space done.

  • I don't have a design bone in my body and I need help.

  • I'm not great at making decisions and prefer someone to tell me what to do and what to buy.

  • I know what I want but would like you to find it. I just need a few things to get this room done.

  • I like your style and I just need a simple plan to follow in my own home to achieve that completed look I'm after.

If you answered "yes" at least three of the questions above, Design Buddy is a great fit for you!


What to Expect from our Design Buddy Package

  • Accurate Measurements of the Space (provided by you) with instructions provided by us

  • Detailed Floor Plan to Scale, if needed

  • Custom Color Story for the Space, if needed

  • Basic Lighting and Accessory Concept

  • Detailed Design Plan Specifications, if you are purchasing retail and simply want our input on what to get (furniture and accessory specs, dimensions, etc. using actual trade items as inspiration for your purchases, ideas you can use to source similar items from your favorite retailers)

  • Budget Estimate

  • Ask us about our Design Buddy with the Option to Buy for an added layer of service with your Project.


Our Design Buddy Process:

  1.  After filling out our Questionnaire and having a "Discovery Call" with us, you can purchase and enter into our Buddy Process where we will partner with you to create a plan for your Project. We'll ask you for specific photos and measurements of each room we're working on. We'll take some time to learn about the specifics of what you're looking to do and proceed from there. We will also have a follow-up call via Zoom or FaceTime to confirm the budget, design style and functionality of the project. Due to the nature of this design package, it is highly recommended that all adult parties involved in the project are present during this meeting.

  2.  When we have all the information we need, we will create a plan with you on how to approach the project. Depending on the complexity of the project, it usually takes 3-4 weeks to pull together the perfect Plan for you. Smaller updates take less time. We will diligently work on your behalf reviewing your specifications, style ideas, design goals and discuss any foreseeable obstacles we will face so that we can fully encompass the scope of the job in as much detail as possible.

  3.  When our Design is complete, we will email your digital design plan.

  4.  After we've presented your design, you'll have the ability to follow-up with us over one email to answer any questions you have about your Design Plan. We will make one revision to the floor plan and rendering(s) if you wish to see something laid out differently.

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