Dive Into Summer

For most of you vacation is around the corner, which makes this our favorite time to tend to design projects. Let us reconfigure, recover, rethink and reimagine your interiors while you're "doing summer".

If any of the below scenarios sound vaguely familiar, it's time to DIVE IN.

The sofa and chairs that the dog destroyed can't survive another season - you didn't want to remove them from the house because you worried, "Where will everyone sit?". Now's the time. DIVE IN.

The powder room walls have been screaming for wallpaper - you just never got around to choosing a pattern? DIVE IN.

You've been using those disposable paper shades in your bedroom for 2 years now and it's getting ridiculous and you really want proper drapes with blackout lining so you can sleep past 5am. DIVE IN.

Your front hall and front door need to be repainted but you didn't know what color to use and if it should match the powder room or the living room and it was just too much to worry about so you decided to postpone it a bit longer. DIVE IN.

The living room has the furniture from your first apartment in it because you weren't quite ready for grown-up furniture and you never used the living room when the kids were little anyway. But the kids are not so little anymore. DIVE IN.

It's a win-win for everyone. We get empty houses to work in and you get to return at the end of August and find all of your design projects completed. Get in touch! We can't wait to help you accomplish all your design goals.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR DIVE INTO SUMMER SALE Get one hour free when you purchase a 10-hr. design package, Limit one per customer. Offer good thru June 30, 2019.

Disclaimer: project timing and completion vary based on scope of project. The sooner we start, the sooner we finish.