La French Goose is thrilled to announce a new creative partnership that will make it SO simple to get the custom cabinetry and millwork you've always wanted.

Joining forces with my old friend and collaborator, Tad Hellmann*, and my new friend and experienced millwork manufacturer, Michael Yedowitz, I am very excited to act as the conduit in this dream team. The process to design and build custom cabinetry and millwork is going to be a cinch with these two dudes by my side.

1. I will be the client-facing member of the team, listening to our customers as they explain their cabinetry visions and helping them to formulate a design plan.

2. I will then consult with Tad, updating him on all the details needed for him to draft a conceptual rendering of the new cabinetry or millwork. A picture paints a thousand words and conceptual renderings are no exception, which is why his renderings will be a required element in our design and approval process.

3. Once completed, I will send the renderings to Michael who will price the project.

4. I will then present the client with the proposal. Once approved, Michael will follow up locally to be sure all measurements and details are accurate. I will communicate any revisions to Michael before the final draft is approved and the production date is scheduled.

5. I will help the client select and order hardware, book the painters, confirm the installation date and manage the logistics.

6. The client's new cabinetry or millwork will be installed and painted on site.

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But wait. Michael can produce more than built-ins.

He builds custom fireplace mantles and coffered ceilings.

And recessed and raised paneling that looks like it's always been there.

So get out your phones and laptops. Open Pinterest. Or Instagram. And start saving all the images you love. Your aesthetic will slowly emerge. If you are drawn to different styles, I'll help you distill your selections down until you achieve your desired design.

So begin to look around your house for areas where new cabinetry or millwork could make an impact. Here are a few things to look for:

  • a large empty wall/unused space at the end of a room

  • deep spaces next to windows (great for bookshelves and windowseats)

  • any room with store-bought bookshelves or desks - these are ideal spots to upgrade to built-in millwork

  • fireplaces with mantles that don't seem the right proportion or don't have the presence you want - mantles can also be framed by cabinetry on either side

  • any room where storage is an issue and you can never seem to find what you want in the size you need

  • dining rooms, living rooms, foyers and hallways that lack architectural detail and are crying out for paneling

  • dormer alcoves, for built-in desks or dressers or windowseats with storage

You can see below that I like to dive into Instagram to find inspiration, too.

I love looking at windowseats and wall nooks.

And home bars built into closets, and walls that have been made to feel luxuriously cozy with floor to ceiling bookshelves.

And this past year I found myself obsessing over dens, home offices and study spaces.

It can be a bit overwhelming at times. So divide things into categories and start dreaming.

We're ready to bring your ideas to life.



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