La Goose was on the loose @highpointmarket

We just got back from High Point's 2019 Spring market and are bubbling over with excitement. We have so many new ideas and sources to share! Let's make your house the envy of the neighborhood.

We discovered some of the finest bench-made furniture, proudly made in America, and got a peek inside a renowned factory that's been making exquisite modern furniture since the mid-50s. We're particularly obsessed with the variety of curved and angled sofas. We discovered fresh accent tables and an endless array of swiveling ottomans + chairs (there were just so many swivels!), lighting in every shape and size and color, not to mention heavenly mirrors + color-soaked pillows.

And there were plenty of sexy neutral tones, too, in caramels and café au laits and soft grays mixed with cozy winter whites. As a personal fave, the