The top 16 coffee tables for every style of house

There is no multi-tasker like a coffee table. They're on the job 24/7 whether you need a spot to place your glass, display fresh flowers, stack a pile of coffee table books, eat some dinner in front of the TV, set out hors d'oeuvres for guests, light some pillar candles in the evening or just put your feet up.

As a rule, we think the height of your coffee table should be close to the height of your sofa seat, give or take a few inches. Most coffee tables are around 18" high. And it should be between 50% and 75% the length of the sofa, to maintain proportion in the room. Be sure everyone in the seating area can reach it and also walk around it. Here are our top 16 current faves. Which one catches your eye?


I'm a sucker for a gray weathered wood table and love a lower shelf for storing books and even a blanket for late-night TV watching. I can tell that this table will go the distance. And in an enormous TV room, two of these side-by-side would be amaaaaazing.

This square woven table will lead the way in a more laid-back room. It's substantial and elegant and wants to be noticed. Add a tray with flowers + a scented candle + some tchotchkes plus a few stacks of books and you're ready for movie night.

I have loved this table from the first time I laid my eyes on it in the showroom. It's like that favorite piece of clothing that makes you feel good about yourself every time you put it on. It comes with brushed brass or satin silver accents and the deep blue stain is incredibly beautiful (less dramatic colors also available). Instant chic factor and functionality all rolled into one.

You should always have some extra seating available for impromptu gatherings. This table allows you to tuck the ottomans under the corners when they're not in use. Genius.

I don't tend to like glass tables - they can feel fragile and fussy - but this table is an exception. I love the clean, sturdy lines of the brass legs and the angled edges of the tempered glass top which will hold up to anything you place on it. It's a keeper. Equally good in a bachelor pad.

Timeless. Timeless. Timeless. Gorgeous. I am in love. Any living room will be instantly chic with this baby,

These individual bunching tables are popping up everywhere and for good reason. They're easy to customize, you can buy as many as you need for your space and you can create your own shape based on how you configure them. These specific tables come with either brushed brass or brushed nickel legs and in a variety of paint finishes. Super cool.

This round coffee table is another wonderful example of how light and airy a heavy table can become with a glass top. The inlaid glass insert can have edges rubbed in gold or silver leaf or be left plain for a more industrial look. Modern, livable luxury is on display here in the best way. Fab fact: it's also available as a rectangle.

This coffee table is understated and elegant. I love the soft edges and sheer legs that will melt away wherever it lives.

A beauty in cerused oak. Très elegant. Period.

A sleek and slim option for a more compact look, lacquer never goes out of style.

Modern and streamlined, this honed marble is perfect for a minimalist look when you're seeking understated design and details. This is a sexy table.

Proof positive that mixed metals DO belong together. Oxidized metal in varying tones of brass, aluminum and bronze. This table would be gorgeous with creamy, neutral fabrics.

A bit tribal and eclectic, neutral while still being interesting, I love the inlay on this round table with wood and bone. Every house should have some black accents.

This table is a little more modern but can still adapt to many settings. The walnut veneer is supported by acrylic legs with corners that carry a laser-cut wave detail. Striking and subtle.

And last but not least, I love the gently tapered rose gold legs of this tailored table. The top is glass with an églomisé finish - a French term for back-painting glass to create a mirror finish. Merveilleux!

There does exist a coffee table for every room, a lid for every pot, a cup for every saucer. Did you find your perfect match? Let us know. Until then, happy weekend and à bientôt!