Work + Study from Home

So you have everyone at home and don't know how you can do it for one more day! I feel 'ya. People are more familiar with their homes than ever before and trying to eek out a quiet space wherever they can find one...and where no one can find them.

But when you get down to it, the key ingredients are simple. All you need is a desk + a lamp + a great desk chair. The trickier part is figuring out where to put them.

How about behind a sofa? In almost any room there is usually space for a desk behind a sofa or sectional, as you would normally think to use a console table. During the day it might work as a quiet spot while kids are in school. And if you're anything like me, you continue to work when people return home, but you like to be part of what's going on. You can do this here.

Under or in front of a window is also a great spot for a desk. These are typically locations that are not deep enough for a sofa but they work beautifully for a small desk and chair. Look for a room where there's not a lot of traffic so you can take a work call or Zoom without too much chaos around you.

A floating desk at the end of a room is also a good idea. Maybe the end of your formal living room. Or in the bay window of your dining room. The idea is to come up with a spot that isn't obvious. And then turn the desk outward so the chair faces into the room. We're not saying it has to live in the spot forever. . . just until things return (a bit more) to normal.

Do you have space under the stairs?

Or in a corner of your mudroom? So many of us in the northeast have large mudrooms - they're out of the way and usually quiet once everyone is home.

My current fave for instant gratification that is light on the wallet is this desk from IKEA. The lower side desk gives you the feel of a big desk (a spot to rest books or papers while you focus most of your work straight ahead) without risk of spilling your pink bubbles. . . I mean water. . . all over your laptop. And it's a bargain!

Need more inspo? Take a look through my online shop where you'll find loads of desks, desk chairs and bookcases. As always, feel free to reach out if you need help finding something more specific.

Happy working and studying!