Connecting local teen helpers to New Canaan families

Launching Summer 2020

Ariane Triay

As a local New Canaan mother and business owner raising kids in these unprecedented times, I know how hard it is to get it all done while feeling confident that my choices will keep my family safe. We still need easy ways to tackle our daily goals (and hopefully maintain our sanity).

I've also watched my kids and our friends' kids lose summer job opportunities, though they remain eager to work., A few of them drive, so I wondered how I could use my website and scheduling app to help them secure local summer work in New Canaan. Meet Book'd.


In order to test the waters, I am intentionally starting small. The helpers are my own children and the children of our closest friends, all of whom live in New Canaan, attend school here, and have an interest in helping local families. With their varying schedules, I have allowed for customized availability.


Book'd wants to make it easy for families in New Canaan to get a little help, right when they need it..


Clients will log on to the calendar, book an errand or hour of (outdoor) babysitting, and get back to their lives. Oh, and you'll get an extra hour or two in your day. It's a win win.


The only role of Book'd is to help my favorite kids book summer work. We are a scheduling source only. We receive no money from the kids for offering this service. Each helper will handle compensation directly with the person that they help. That's it.


Katharine, 17

Born in London but a New Canaan native through her mom, Katharine has been a summer nanny abroad as well as a local babysitter, and staff member at Caren Forbes. She has completed a Red Cross course and is a talented artist who loves being crafty with kids. She is a legal driver. 

Ben, 16

Benny is our resident musician, talented on the piano, guitar + ukelele. He also loves to play tennis. His summers have typically been spent at camp in NH and he is excited to teach guitar to young aspiring musicians. While not yet a driver, he rides his bike all over town.

Cooper, 15

An energy-filled athlete who loves lacrosse and squash, Cooper will gladly throw a ball with your energetic boys. Riding his bike around town, he's also able to help with weeding or yard cleanups. He looks forward to hanging out with your kids this summer to keep them active.

Lola, 14

Lola spent the past two summers as a counselor in the 3s program at Greenwich Country Day School. She completed a Red Cross babysitting course, loves dog sitting and regularly takes care of multiple kids ranging in age from 1 to 6 years old. 


Cristian, 17

Cristian is an avid basketball + tennis player and has been a counselor of 5-6 year olds at the New Canaan Y summer camp. He babysits locally for families with boys that enjoy playing sports outside. He can also tackle  outdoor work. He is a member of SLOBs at NCHS and is a legal driver.


Emma, 17

A New Canaan native, Emma is a TA at New Canaan Dance Academy and loves to share her creative side with kids. She has been a CIT at Camp Arcadia in Maine, loves to babysit locally and is a Red Cross certified lifeguard. Emma is a legal driver.


  • Local Pick-ups and Deliveries in New Canaan, Door-to-Door

    1 hr

    15 US dollars
  • (Outdoor) Childcare allows you to tackle your indoor to-do list

    1 hr

    15 US dollars
  • Weeding, watering, deck cleaning... (supplies provided by client)

    1 hr

    15 US dollars
  • We'll give 'em love when you can't.

    30 min

    10 US dollars


If you need help with something and you don't see it listed, just let us know. We're here to help.

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