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We'll guide you every step of the way

All team photos by Julia D'Agostino Pierce

ariane debraux triay

Owner & Designer

(and the original goose)



Ariane, photo by Julia D'Agostino Pierce

Whether working on a project individually or as a team, Ariane and Sanny bring their clients' ideas to life as they design elegant, comfortable and inviting homes that will exceed all expectations. They develop a design plan in keeping with the vision of their clients and select everything right down to the smallest hinge or pillow embellishment, ensuring the end result is perfection and that no detail gets overlooked. Oh, and they like to have fun, too, so expect lots of sarcasm and laughs along the way.

They can envision exactly how your rooms will look with all the elements together, and choose them so they'll work cohesively while meeting your functional, aesthetic and budgetary parameters. Often times the element their clients are most worried about become the one they end up loving the most. They work closely with their clients to uncover their unique style and then oversee the design of their project to ensure every detail reflects their clients perfectly. 

Sanny Warner, photo by Julia D'Agostino Pierce

"I'm a smart-mouthed, problem-solving,
instant gratification junkie!"

"I tell it like it is, tactfully, and am drawn to authenticity."

kelly foster

Studio Manager

2023-02-27-LaFrenchGoose-JDP_1545 sm.jpg

Kelly has been with LFG since 2020 and infuses her kindness and can-do attitude into everything she touches. She is the main point of contact with clients throughout a project, providing frequent status updates and then checking things off her list (her favorite thing to do). Kelly is tasked with creating order and processes into daily life at LFG and is aware of everything going on, always while keeping the bigger picture in mind.

teresa servidone

Purchasing Coordinator

Teresa joined LFG in 2022 and works behind the scenes to place orders, update order statuses and delivery dates, manage delivery and installation schedules, and ensure that everything arrives as planned. She also coordinates replacements or repairs for any deficiencies. When needed, she is always ready to run to a showroom or vendor to grab that special item we need to see "right now" - something that happens very often. 

brooke day

Design Associate

Brooke was introduced to LFG by a client and joined the team in 2022 as an extension of the design team. She spends lots of time visiting showrooms, using her keen eye to source items for our projects and pitching in wherever she is needed. With a welcome ability to roll with it, she will gladly pop into a workroom or job site with little warning from the goose. 

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