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do built-ins give you goosebumps?
They should. And t
he dream is closer than you think.

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The sunroom at the end of this house was transformed into a cozy library filled with books.

The fabulous basement hangout on the other side of the stairs was missing a spot for snacks and bevvies - so we built this simple and colorful solution. Cheers!

photo by Tim Lenz

We brought peace and order to this long, narrow mudroom by hiding existing cubbies behind doors, adding low storage and a sexy marble counter on the opposite wall, and finishing it with sunny wallpaper and large-scale photography.

photo by Tim Lenz

This young man asked for a special bunk bed.

photo by Tim Lenz

This corner of our client's bedroom became a quiet daytime office for the lady of the house.

Desk, photo by Tim Lenz

photo by Tim Lenz

This bedroom got a custom entertainment center that offers a warm glow across the room at night and also serves as movie central on Sunday mornings with the kids.

This ill-used storage closet in the basement became a new built-in for an updated teenage hangout.

These photos are just a few examples of our work. We've transformed so many spaces with custom cabinetry. Tell us your woes and we'll design a solution.
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